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Take part in trading contests from MeeFX and win prizes with a total value of up to $5,000. Be a winner in MeeFX trading contest

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Current Leaders

Here is a list of the current contest rankings, let's make transactions now and increase the chances of winning prizes

181309 ID3291.20%
281357 ID1799.03%
381275 MY1776.50%
481242 ID1496.11%
581376 ID644.98%
681388 TH320.20%
780630 CA43.66%
877615 ID0.00%
981304 ID-8.69%
1081426 ID-93.00%


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, send by email [email protected]

How to register ?
To enter this contest you need to first open an account on meefx. If you already have an account with meefx, you just need to log in to your personal area and click on the contest menu.
What is the minimum amount required to enter the contest?
To take part in the Real contest held you need to deposit a minimum of 50 usd
Is there a trading account limit and how long does the contest last?
This contest is not limited to the number of accounts you register, you can follow all trading accounts that have been registered with meefx but not all accounts are made winners, only 1 account, one name will be the winner, for the contest time limit you can see in your personal area .
Can I withdraw or transfer funds from the contest account?
Meefx does not limit the time you want to withdraw funds or make a deposit even though the contest is in progress, but the withdrawal of funds will affect the percentage of gain you have or reduce the value of the gain.
How Meefx Determine the winner in the contest ?
Winners are determined based on the highest percentage increase in equity AFTER the deposit is made during the contest period. Additional deposits to the contest account during the contest period will be considered as initial equity and will not count towards the valuation.

Example 1: The account has a value of $100 at the start of the contest. No additional deposits are made. At the end of the contest, your equity reaches $250. (250 – 100 = 150. 150/100 = 1.5 or 150% increase in value)

Example 2: The account starts with $100 at the start of the contest. During the contest, participants make an additional deposit of $100. At the end of the contest, your equity reaches a value of $300. (300-200 = 100. 100/200 = 0.5 or 50% increase in value)

If you make a deposit while the contest is in progress then the deposit is considered equity will be adjusted after the contest is over

Participants are required to close all transactions at the end of the contest to determine the gain on each account, if participants do not close transactions the company will forcefully close these transactions after the contest ends.
When will I receive my gift?
We will contact the winner via email or call directly to provide prize information within one week from the contest end date. For cash prizes, the deposit will be processed to your trading account.
When can I register for the contest?
You can register or enter a contest if a contest has been created and you can enter a contest or register even if the contest is in progress.
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